Moroccan Storytelling

<The Moroccan tradition of hikayat, or storytelling, dates back almost 1,000 years> - in the preview section. Some stories were recorded and other stories are passed orally. Today this form of entertainment in danger of becoming extinct. Previously, hikayat was found in cities throughout Morocco, but today Marrakech’s Jema el-Fna’a square is one of the last place to find the old stories and there are fewer and fewer storytellers.  Cafe Clock offers a new venue and an opportunity for young Moroccans to train in this ancient art. Join us for live storytelling on Mondays and Thursdays at Cafe Clock Marrakech or contact us for a private storytelling performance at your riad or venue. 

Stories are in English and Darija

Master storyteller Ahmed Ezzarghani began collecting Morocco’s traditional fables during his youth, 50 years later he is committed to passing Morocco’s oral tradition to the next generation. Today, Haj Ahmed trains a group of youth apprentices so that they may keep their rich Moroccan heritage alive.

Every Monday and Thursday at 7 pm @ Marrakech & Fez. Haj Ahmed and his apprentices perform tales in Arabic and in English. The apprentices are volunteers dedicated to traditional folklore and whom are working hard to improve their English with every story they weave.

Location, Time, Cost

  • Marrakech & Fez
  • Every Monday & Thursday at 7pm
  • Cost: Free