Traditional Moroccan Home Cooking

This course will teach you to make four emblematic Moroccan dishes – salad, soup, main and dessert -  chosen together with our chef on day of workshop. You’ll start with a visit to the local market where you’ll  learn to select and purchase the best seasonal produce before getting back into the kitchen for a hands-on cooking lesson. See sample menu options here.


We do our best to cater to dietary requirements; please clearly state any dietary requirements on your booking form. Vegetarian and vegan options are available. 


Group workshop: 600dh per person

Private workshop: 1000dh per person - please send us an enquiry here.

Private workshop child (under 12 years):

Family/friend who would like to participate in the feast only: 150dh per person

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking


10am: Arrival drink, meet and greet, start souk (market) tour

2:30pm (approximately): Let the feast begin!

**Please note that classes usually run between 4.5 - 5 hours depending on the type of dishes chosen



Salads, a choice of:

  • Zalouk - roasted aubergine with spices

  • Khizou M’shrmel - marinaded carrot salad

  • Shlada d l’barba - beetroot salad

  • Taktouka - spiced green pepper salad

Soups, a choice of:

  • Harira – traditional hearty Moroccan soup

  • Bissara – split pea or broad bean soup with spices, garlic and olive oil

MAINS (Couscous, Tagine or B’stella) ,a choice of:

  • Seksou b Sbeξ khdari - Seven vegetable couscous

  • Seksou T’faya - Couscous Boohaloo: with almonds, caramelized onions and raisins

  • Tagine b t’mer w l’berkok - Tagine with prune and date

  • Tagine b l’khodra: seasonal tagine with vegetables such as quince & okra or wild artichoke & peas each served with a choice of Chicken, Lamb or Beef

  • Tagine djaj m’kalli - chicken with preserved lemon and olive

  • Tagine b l’hout - fish tagine (dependent on availability in souk)

  • B’stella b’djaj – chicken bastilla

  • B’stella b l’hout – fish bastilla

DESSERTS a choice of:

  • Letshine b l’karfa - orange & walnut salad

  • Ghriba d l’3sel - honey fassi maccaroons

  • Blighat b t’mer - Date and pastry rolls

  • Knafa - souk fruit parfait