Visions & Stories is Marrakech’s first 4-day Festival dedicated to Photography and Storytelling where these two worlds collide bringing the history, stories and imagery of the red city to life. The ancient Moroccan tradition Hikayat or storytelling is a dying art and form of entertainment that has been part of Moroccan culture for over a thousand years. Historically drawing big crowds, storytellers perform old tales woven with riddles and moral messages. In an attempt to keep the tradition alive, Cafe Clock launched their storytelling programme in 2014 headed by the esteemed master storyteller Hajj Ahmed Ezzarghani to teach apprentices the art of telling stories. 

For the first time, we offer the opportunity for the apprentices - now storytellers in their own right to come together and collaborate with international storytellers and photographers to share their knowledge. Photography is instrumental in creating the visual imagery of stories and we will follow the lens that will capture the magic of the winding streets of the Marrakech medina, bringing these stories to life. The Festival aims to develop cross-cultural understanding through these two disciplines through the sharing of photographs and stories.

Activities will include photography walks, storytelling workshops & performances, bicycle stories,

music & more. Come participate and share your photographs and stories with us!

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